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Supercharge Your Mindfulness Practice with the Keystone Habits Challenge

Published 7 months ago • 1 min read

Last week, something really exciting happened over on Instagram.

A mindfulness video I made with Bodhi and Joey was watched by more than half-a-million people!

I am so passionate about mindfulness because it has changed everything about my life for the better.

Today, I am excited to unveil a new collaboration between Listen To Sleep and Awaken Your Myth to help you develop simple and effective mindfulness practices that works for you—for free!

I want to share the transformative work that we do in the Awaken Your Myth Peace & Prosperity Circle with you, so here's the challenge we're working on in the community right now.

And to bring it all together, this week's meditation episode on Listen To Sleep will give you an extra level of support.

This is a wonderful way to deepen your mindfulness practice and get a taste of what you'll learn if you become a member.

Think of it as your personal gateway to a world of tranquility, insight, and self-discovery, delivered right to your inbox.

Let's dive in to our first challenge – focused on the powerful concept of Keystone Habits.

The Keystone Habits Challenge

Keystone Habits are the habits that, once integrated into our lives, can have a profound impact on multiple aspects of our being. They’re the small changes that spark significant transformations, helping us align more closely with our authentic selves.

🔍 The Challenge Details

  1. Identify Your Keystone Habit: Choose a habit that can catalyze change in your life, like a regular sleep schedule, meditation practice or mindful eating.
  2. Implementing the Habit: Practice it daily for at least 21 days and notice the shifts in your mindset and behavior.
  3. Mindful Integration: Reflect on the impact of this habit on your overall well-being. Journalling your thoughts can help reveal even deeper insights.
  4. Sharing and Learning: In the community, we share our challenges and successes in our live zoom meetings. I encourage you to share your insights with friends or family. You might find that sharing your experiences helps support your new habit and inspires.

📝 Tips to Succeed

  • Find Your 'Why': Connect deeply with the reason behind your habit.
  • Habit Stacking: Link it to an existing routine for easier implementation.
  • Small Wins: Celebrate every little step forward.
  • Visual Reminders: Keep cues around you to stay on track.
  • Accountability Partner: Share your journey with someone.

Remember, consistency and a genuine connection to the habit are key, so take your time with this and start by practicing this week's meditation.

Also, don't forget to tune into the Awaken Your Myth podcast for more free meditations, insights and stories about transforming your life through mindfulness and awakening your personal myth.

I can't wait to hear about your experiences with the Keystone Habits Challenge!

Feel free to email me and share your thoughts or questions.



Learn Mindfulness with Skill-Building Challenges

by Erik Ireland - Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Storyteller & Creator of The MYTHS MindReset

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